Ambrosia Restaurant promises an unforgettable gastronomic experience by offering you the most valuable flavours of the Aegean. Get ready for an experience full of quality service and unique flavours in the warm atmosphere of Ambrosia Restaurant. Inspired by the Aegean nature, this place is ready to take you on a journey of flavour. You are invited to Ambrosia Restaurant for an unforgettable gastronomic adventure



Discover the most special olives and olive oils of the region in the mystical atmosphere of ArtAgora with OlivOro. Take a journey full of flavour with OlivOro, bringing the best of nature to your tables. OlivOro's unique collection is waiting for you for a journey full of flavour. Meet special olive products in this special shop where naturalness and quality meet. Meet OlivOro at ArtAgora for a healthy, natural and full of flavour experience.


We are pleased to welcome you at the marvellous meeting point of completely handmade and organic products. Eğri Çayır Honey, the best honey in the world, Rosense-Isparta Gülbirlik Rosewater, Hatay Silk scarves and many other valuable products are waiting for you in our souvenir shop located in a touristic paradise.

For those looking for unique tastes, Eğri Çayır Honey will take you to the peak of flavour, while Rosense-Isparta Gülbirlik Rosewater will pamper your skin with the essence of nature. Our handcrafted creams and soaps add elegance to your beauty ritual. While adding elegance to your style with our special products such as sandals, sandals and hand-knitted bags shaped by traditional handicrafts, our rosary and candle collections will make your home warm and peaceful.

We invite you to our souvenir world to feel our hospitality and quality. Do not forget to visit us to meet our special products that will add colour to your touristic travel plans and leave unforgettable memories to your loved ones. Our path is waiting to intersect with you.


WineHouse-Wine House offers a warm atmosphere with wines produced from the famous grapes of the Southern Vineyard Road. We invite our local and foreign guests to taste our unique wines. Visit us for an unforgettable flavour experience with our rich wine menu!